The group welcomes Hilary from Vintage Rehab

vintage rehab
It was lovely to welcome another new member to the group this week. Everyone in the group can identify how hard it can be coming to a new group for the first time. The group are very supportive of new members as they have been there themselves.

Today it was great to welcome Hilary from Vintage Rehab along to the group as a guest. Hilary talked about her own life experiences and what had led her onto starting her own social enterprise. It really was inspiring hearing how Hilary had overcome some obstacles in life to get to this point. Vintage Rehab is a small business that was born out of a love for old furniture, decorating on a budget, and giving old pieces of furniture new life. If people would like further information on this great project of Hilary’s please visit

This made us think about the many talents in their group. People who are good at photography, music, art, painting etc…we have a very talented and creative group! It is interesting to notice our body language, how we look and sound positive when we are discussing something that really energizes us.
Next week we will be visiting the Laughter for Health club. Can group members please meet at Simpson House for 10.30 as per-usual and a taxi will take us to event.

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