We welcome Jardine Simpson as guest

the past
Today we had a really busy group and it was great to welcome a new member. We discussed how people found last week’s Recovery initiative Fund event. Group members realised how beneficial it was for our group to be represented at this event, through the networking and awareness it raised.

A common aim that is continually discussed in our group is to reduce the stigma of suicide, to be able to talk about how you feel without the fear of being ridiculed by others. Within our group and other organisations we are making strides towards tackling the myths but we are aware it will take time to make these changes in society.

It was great to welcome Jardine Simpson to be a guest speaker today. He told us about his life and his story of recovery. He explained what did and did not help him in his aim for a healthier fulfilling lifestyle. People could identify with many of the things Jardine had been through and were keen to ask him questions. It was interesting to think about our past and look at what we have done and realise we can make positive changes no matter how old we are. We would like to thank Jardine for his time and for being an inspiration to others.

Next Week we welcome Hilary Braidwood from Vinrtage Rehab as a guest.

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