The group go to Recovery Initiative Fund event

Today we visited the Recovery initiative Fund which was held at the caves in Edinburgh. The event was to mark the first anniversary of the fund. As we have been fortunate to receive the funding we were invited along to this event. It was really inspiring to hear what other groups are doing with the funding they have received from the fund. Among the other groups were “Sound inner space” which is a group that uses music to inspire each other, “Inverclyde Recovery Cafe” which helps people who are in the isolation part of recovery, “Sweet for Addicts” which is a group who use drama to help people develop skills on the stage, “vintage rehab” which is a service that cleans up/recycles old furniture and is sold on, and lastly “Glasgow Recovery Organisation” they are a group who are at the moment looking to secure the old Tower Records building in Glasgow to have multi faceted service which includes having a dry nightclub and trying to change the culture of what a night out means to people. The fundamental cause being, the groups are about giving people opportunities who otherwise may not have had them before, encouraging each other and helping people work on their many talents within. It was a privilege to meet the groups at this event and to exchange details about our various groups thus giving people more opportunities. Our group would like to thank Kuladharini, Lesley and all at the Scottish Recovery Consortium for making this event happen!

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