The Group Visits Laughter For Health Club

We had a small group visit the laughter for health club today. It was a real learning experience being able to let “the child in us” out to play! Please see below the benefits to laughter; laughter releases endorphins – the body’s ‘feel good’ chemicals Acts as an aerobic exercise – a bit like internalContinue reading “The Group Visits Laughter For Health Club”

The group welcomes Hilary from Vintage Rehab

It was lovely to welcome another new member to the group this week. Everyone in the group can identify how hard it can be coming to a new group for the first time. The group are very supportive of new members as they have been there themselves. Today it was great to welcome Hilary fromContinue reading “The group welcomes Hilary from Vintage Rehab”

We welcome Jardine Simpson as guest

Today we had a really busy group and it was great to welcome a new member. We discussed how people found last week’s Recovery initiative Fund event. Group members realised how beneficial it was for our group to be represented at this event, through the networking and awareness it raised. A common aim that isContinue reading “We welcome Jardine Simpson as guest”

The group go to Recovery Initiative Fund event

Today we visited the Recovery initiative Fund which was held at the caves in Edinburgh. The event was to mark the first anniversary of the fund. As we have been fortunate to receive the funding we were invited along to this event. It was really inspiring to hear what other groups are doing with theContinue reading “The group go to Recovery Initiative Fund event”