Looking At Our Thoughts


We had a really productive meeting today with it being good to see some group members who had not been for a while. It was once again so special to see the power of the group which is exemplified by the support they give each other in times of need.

We looked at how as humans our thoughts can sometimes be irrational and stopping us from being able to achieve things and affecting our health. It is not the event itself, but it’s the way in which we can respond that can make a lot of difference to our health. Learning these new thinking exercises can take some time but can help so much in the long-term.

We discussed the arrangements for next week’s visit to The Recovery Initiative Funding event. The event is a chance for groups who have been fortunate to secure funding from the fund to meet up and talk about what each group has used the money for and possible ways that we could share resources to give people more opportunities.

One thought on “Looking At Our Thoughts

  1. Sounds like a brilliant morning. It is heart warming to hear the support members give each other.
    Philosophers, teachers, writers, and biblical figures through the centuries have said
    We are what we think. So it is good to be reminded we can work on this.
    Good luck at the event!

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