Reflections from last week’s meeting and looking at “laughter”

Darkness laughter

Today we had a smaller group than usual due to work commitments and school holidays. We looked at how people feel they have been treated by services when they have been in desperate need of support and the massive impact this can have on the individuals ongoing health issues. The positive thing is that this is something that has been looked at and improved upon in the Government’s suicide prevention strategy 2013-2016 paper.

We reflected on our awareness event from last week and what people took away from it. Everyone really enjoyed the experience of explaining what the group was about and being able to be part of something that came help make positive changes for people struggling with the demands of life. We are constantly striving to do more networking to help reach our aims.

Lastly, we had a little discussion about laughter and what we have found funny. Laughter is a such a healthy thing which can help our health in so many ways. We will look further into this topic in future meetings.

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