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Spring Programme


27th Feb Looking at our thoughts
6th Mar Attending RIF talks at the caves
13th Mar Jardine talking about thought tools
20th Mar Hilary talking about Vintage Rehab
27th Mar Attending Laughter For Health
3rd Apr Geoffrey working on strengths
10th Apr Diane talking about relaxation techniques
17th Apr Glenn giving up-date on future ideas
* Please note that there will not be a group held in Simpson House next Thurs 6th Mar due to the group’s visit to outside event. Can group members attending the event who require transport please be at Simpson House for 10am in order to make it for the start of proceedings at 10.30.

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Looking At Our Thoughts


We had a really productive meeting today with it being good to see some group members who had not been for a while. It was once again so special to see the power of the group which is exemplified by the support they give each other in times of need.

We looked at how as humans our thoughts can sometimes be irrational and stopping us from being able to achieve things and affecting our health. It is not the event itself, but it’s the way in which we can respond that can make a lot of difference to our health. Learning these new thinking exercises can take some time but can help so much in the long-term.

We discussed the arrangements for next week’s visit to The Recovery Initiative Funding event. The event is a chance for groups who have been fortunate to secure funding from the fund to meet up and talk about what each group has used the money for and possible ways that we could share resources to give people more opportunities.

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Reflections from last week’s meeting and looking at “laughter”

Darkness laughter

Today we had a smaller group than usual due to work commitments and school holidays. We looked at how people feel they have been treated by services when they have been in desperate need of support and the massive impact this can have on the individuals ongoing health issues. The positive thing is that this is something that has been looked at and improved upon in the Government’s suicide prevention strategy 2013-2016 paper.

We reflected on our awareness event from last week and what people took away from it. Everyone really enjoyed the experience of explaining what the group was about and being able to be part of something that came help make positive changes for people struggling with the demands of life. We are constantly striving to do more networking to help reach our aims.

Lastly, we had a little discussion about laughter and what we have found funny. Laughter is a such a healthy thing which can help our health in so many ways. We will look further into this topic in future meetings.

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Awareness event/hopes for the future at Charis House

Charis House

Today we had a meeting at Charis House (CrossReach) to speak to a group of professionals from other agencies. Among them were representatives from NHS Lothian, Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Partnership, CrossReach Counselling, Grassmarket Community Project and the Rankeillor Initiative. They were able to introduce themselves and to be a listening ear for some assistance that the group may need. This was a great time for us all to work together, to network and share resources.

Group members explained how they came to be in the group and what it means for them. They also discussed their experiences of different services, what had helped and what had not.

The representatives from the other organisations were able to respond to some of the information and make notes of the comments.

One of the big things that came out of today’s meeting was the general consensus that the best way to raise awareness of the group is to visit services and explain what they the group is about. We would like to thank everyone that came along and gave up their time to help make a positive change in people’s lives. We have provisionally booked a follow-up meeting on Thurs 15th May back at Charis House.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at Simpson House next Thursday at 10.30 am for our normal meetings.

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Lots of Positive Energy Flowing Through Group!

Great idea

Today we had a slightly different type of meeting; where a large chunk of it would be used in preparation for next week’s event/talk.

A couple of group members discussed how their trip through to The Scottish Recovery initiative went. As the group had received funding from this organisation to go towards raising awareness of what we do, we were asked to go through for a training event which would lead to preparation to do a talk on what our group does in the caves in Edinburgh on March 6th. Group members found this to be a very inspiring day, finding out what other groups have done with the funding they received. There were so many different groups; art, music, drama, furniture making, to name just a few! It was so humbling to be in such company and to explain all about our different groups, networking and working together in the recovery community.

We looked at ideas for the event at Charis House (CrossReach) to raise awareness of the group and to set out what we would like to achieve in the future, to reach out to people who feel a sense of despair with their life. While doing a brain storm on the event preparation, it was truly amazing to see the passion and positive energy that came through in order to help others.

Please note – due to the event at Charis House on Thurs 13th February all group members will meet and depart from Simpson House at 10.30.