Feeling less alone

Support 2

Today we had a really thought-provoking discussion. Some people are still feeling they have a lack of energy but are also aware that they traditionally feel this way in the month of January. Once again the support from the group members to one another, particularly those who are going through hard times was so touching. People commentated on how this group is a lifeline for them and not being sure if they would still be alive without it.

As the group is going to do a presentation in 2 weeks we looked at what we would like to bring to it. We discussed ideas we would like to take to this event that came be made to improve services for people with Mental health/addiction issues.

One thought on “Feeling less alone

  1. I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday 13th at the CrossReach Headquarters – Charis House. It will be good to get an update on the ChooseLife Group and hear where you see the group going. I hope that those attending can further help & support the group and raise awareness of the issues you all tackle. Warm regards, Glenn

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