First group of 2014


As it was the first meeting of the year, it was really nice to catch up with people to see how they were over the Christmas/New Year period. Most group members were happy they had managed to get through this period safely while still finding it ca bit of a challenge to get back into their normal routine after a break. A group member acknowledged that while it was hard to get out of bed after the break, she knew that it was good for her to get back into her normal routine which keeps her safe.

While people in the group acknowledged how challenging it can be for them at Christmas, they also gained some strength from the plans made to get through the period which have helped make it slightly easier than previous years. The good thing to come out of this is that people can use the experience they have gained from this Christmas period through using forward planning to use it again in future years where it will become almost second nature to them.

The group are open to going out to events/services to talk about what the group does to further publicize and raise awareness of suicide.

Next week’s meeting will be about healthy eating and mood change.

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