Feeling less alone

Today we had a really thought-provoking discussion. Some people are still feeling they have a lack of energy but are also aware that they traditionally feel this way in the month of January. Once again the support from the group members to one another, particularly those who are going through hard times was so touching.Continue reading “Feeling less alone”

Future plans for raising awareness

Today we looked at further ideas for promoting the group and to continue making more ties with different organisations. We are in the process of completing a spring programme which will new guests coming in and outside visits. Some of the outside visits we are being invited to include Charis House (CrossReach head office) andContinue reading “Future plans for raising awareness”

Group trip to Morven Day Services Kilmarnock

We had our first group visit to Morven day services in Kilmarnock (a mental health service). The group had fun while travelling through in a group members car, discussing the latest technology and “what’s the best electronic device to buy?!” We all felt in good spirits by the time we arrived in Kilmarnock. We wereContinue reading “Group trip to Morven Day Services Kilmarnock”

Does food affect our mood?

We had a really thought-provoking group today and was nice to welcome back some people who had not been to the group for a while. Some group members were struggling with the dark mornings and getting back into their normal routine after the Christmas break. We discussed how we can respond to people who putContinue reading “Does food affect our mood?”