Forward planning and Fun Time!

christmas funny

Today we had a really thought-provoking group and continued looking at ways to stay safe over the Christmas period. With people in the group learning to be more self-aware they have been putting positive plans in place so as to not feel isolated and to feel part of something.

With it being the last meeting of the year, we looked at what positive things have happened for us in 2013. We also talked about how we can be self depreciating at times and not fully appreciating the massive qualities we have. We thought of the quote; “I never thought i was a bully…until i listened to how i speak to myself. I think i owe myself an apology.” This quote really enforces the thought of learning to be kinder to ourselves.

As a big part of the group is about having fun, we showed a few funny Christmas related videos which had people roaring with laughter!

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support for the group this year!

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