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Forward planning and Fun Time!

christmas funny

Today we had a really thought-provoking group and continued looking at ways to stay safe over the Christmas period. With people in the group learning to be more self-aware they have been putting positive plans in place so as to not feel isolated and to feel part of something.

With it being the last meeting of the year, we looked at what positive things have happened for us in 2013. We also talked about how we can be self depreciating at times and not fully appreciating the massive qualities we have. We thought of the quote; “I never thought i was a bully…until i listened to how i speak to myself. I think i owe myself an apology.” This quote really enforces the thought of learning to be kinder to ourselves.

As a big part of the group is about having fun, we showed a few funny Christmas related videos which had people roaring with laughter!

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support for the group this year!

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Staying safe over the Christmas Season


Today we has a really nice size group which included some people who had not been for a while. It was really interesting for people to catch up with how everyone was doing. While doing the “check in” today quite a few people were struggling with issues which were possibly exacerbated with it being so close to the Christmas season. The encouraging thing was that people were making positive plans to cope with this period which can be very an emotional time for people. The support each group member gave each other was immense and you could see the heaviness drop from people while they were able to explain how they felt and to be supported by others. There can be pressure on people who live alone, feeling their isolation more acutely when faced with greater socializing going around about them. Some of the topics we looked at regarding Christmas were; the effects of using alcohol, how to help yourself, not being afraid to talk and to plan ahead.

Near the end of the meeting we watched the videos from group guests taking about their experiences of the group (everyone was inspired by them).

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From Foolishness to Wisdom


Today we had a really productive meeting. Most group members commented on how they are keeping active through this period so as to keep safe.

It was great to welcome Geoffrey back to the group to work on strengths. Today he brought in cards which when turned around revealed the different characteristics of someones personality. It can help us to look at the different ways we interpret words. If you look at the word “pride” it could mean you have pride on your appearance, but could also mean that something is holding you back and you cannot accept things that would ultimately be beneficial for you. We continued to look at the different stages of change in the way we look at things from being foolish, an example being driving fast in a built up area knowing the consequences that could happen to then moving on to a healthier frame of mind to showing wisdom.

The group would once again like to thank Geoffrey for his support and wisdom!