Forward planning and Fun Time!

Today we had a really thought-provoking group and continued looking at ways to stay safe over the Christmas period. With people in the group learning to be more self-aware they have been putting positive plans in place so as to not feel isolated and to feel part of something. With it being the last meetingContinue reading “Forward planning and Fun Time!”

Staying safe over the Christmas Season

Today we has a really nice size group which included some people who had not been for a while. It was really interesting for people to catch up with how everyone was doing. While doing the “check in” today quite a few people were struggling with issues which were possibly exacerbated with it being soContinue reading “Staying safe over the Christmas Season”

From Foolishness to Wisdom

Today we had a really productive meeting. Most group members commented on how they are keeping active through this period so as to keep safe. It was great to welcome Geoffrey back to the group to work on strengths. Today he brought in cards which when turned around revealed the different characteristics of someones personality.Continue reading “From Foolishness to Wisdom”