Swans reflecting

We wanted today’s meeting to be a relaxed fun group where we could reflect on the success of last weeks event. It seemed important to have this type of meeting as the group has been very busy for the last few months preparing for the event and producing publicity materials to raise awareness of the group. It was very nice today to have a new member come to the group today who was made to feel welcomed. We totally understand how daunting it can be going to a group for the first time, but once people attend they are supported by others group members who can relate to these feelings having been there themself. Group members discussed how happy they were with last weeks event and how touched they were with the support they received and the good feeling felt within the room. Some group members commented on it was a bit of a challenge speaking to a group, but the reality of it was that everyone who talked did so brilliantly, inspiring and sending out a heartfelt message to others.

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