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Future Plans

Group work

Today was a very productive meeting with lots of good ideas floating around. Some people were struggling with the winter and dark mornings and dealing with a lack of energy at this time of the year. It can also be a real challenge for people to get out of bed and to function. Listening to other people’s experiences of this issue helped people to realise that they were not alone and can get through this hard time.

We reflected on the wonderful gifts we have received from people whether it be a physical gift or a metaphorical one. Some people felt the best gifts they received where unconditional love from friends/family/pets or a physical gift that a lot of thought had been put into.

We looked at what we could put in a report on the event we held 2 weeks ago. A lot of people came up with good ideas, with a lot focussing on the myths of suicide.

Finally we discussed how more we can promote the group and the cost of it.

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Swans reflecting

We wanted today’s meeting to be a relaxed fun group where we could reflect on the success of last weeks event. It seemed important to have this type of meeting as the group has been very busy for the last few months preparing for the event and producing publicity materials to raise awareness of the group. It was very nice today to have a new member come to the group today who was made to feel welcomed. We totally understand how daunting it can be going to a group for the first time, but once people attend they are supported by others group members who can relate to these feelings having been there themself. Group members discussed how happy they were with last weeks event and how touched they were with the support they received and the good feeling felt within the room. Some group members commented on it was a bit of a challenge speaking to a group, but the reality of it was that everyone who talked did so brilliantly, inspiring and sending out a heartfelt message to others.

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1st Year Celebration Event!

celebration card
Today was our big event! Part of what the aims of today’s event are to show where the group is, where we were, and where we are going. We started of the event by showing the teaser trailer to give people a brief glimpse of what the group is about before explaining more as the day went on. We had Glenn (head of service) start off proceedings by talking about how the funding came about for the group and the essential need for a group like this. The facilitators talked about what the group was about and the techniques and programmes they used in the group. Two short videos were shown which highlighted the human spirit and inspiration which have inspired the group. We had a presentation on debunking the myths around suicide and the common misconceptions of a group like this. We then had a couple of group members tell their experiences within the group and how it helps them so much in their daily lives. We finished with what the groups plans are for the future; Some of these included raising more awareness of the group through promotional means, reaching out to others, further trying eradicate some of their stigmas surrounding suicide.

The group would like to thank everyone who gave their time in helping the development of the group and for making this event such a wonderful inspiring occasion.

The group has plenty of hope for the future, here’s to next years birthday and beyond!

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Hope Squad and Marketing Genius

Man who attempted suicide shares story of hope

We relished today in acknowledging enjoyment and feeling a bit more grounded. The group was inspired by a short video from people who called themselves the hope squad; an interview with a young man who thankfully unsuccessfully attempted suicide. We were encouraged to see that across the Atlantic people are aiming to reduce the stigma of suicide, prevent suicide, instill hope and support and realise that by being helped you can help others, so this resonated greatly with our own aims.
We had some fun with our very dramatic trailer for next weeks event and a rehearsal of speaking to a crowd. Encouraged with our new leaflets and still delighted with the funding received from the Scottish Recovery Consortium ideas flowed forth as to how to market the group further.