Nothing In Life Is Wasted

We had a really productive group today with some people attending who had not been for a while. Some people mention how the group is like a family!

We had Geoffrey Baines back today working on strengths and weaknesses. While discussing strengths we reflected on not taking what energizes you too far to the extent that you “burnout”. It’s about learning to be more self-aware.

As we had focussed a lot on strengths previously, we now looked at weaknesses, or the “dark side” (if you’re of a Star Wars persuasion!). We discussed how it is better to build on what you’re good at than trying to turn a weaknesses into strengths. I’m sure we can all point to some time on our life where we have done something to please someone else while not feeling energised about it. We talked about how, even while experiencing hard times we are learning all the time, nothing is wasted. We may also continue doing things we have a talent for but do leave us feeling energised, remember, “what energizes me?!”

We have finally sent the order away for the new leaflet to be published!

One thought on “Nothing In Life Is Wasted

  1. It energizes me to hear about the work of the group. Also like the idea of building on strengths and not trying to turn weaknesses into strengths. This means I do not need to ever do DIY again! Hooray!!!

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