Things You Can Do To Make You Feel Happier

Today we had a really productive meeting. It was great to welcome June Dickson back to the group to work on the final part of the Living Life To The Full Course.

First of all we discussed things do with the November event which included group members having the opportunity if they wanted to explain what helps them when they have low mood and how they express themselves in a positive way, whether it’s through painting or music for example. We would like to have a good presentation looking at reducing stigmas.

For the final part of the LLTTF course, the topic was “10 things you can do to feel happier straight away” Some things included; taking the stairs, eating healthier food, having breakfast, doing a bit of hoovering faster and going for walks. All of the above things would be done in small steps and increased on a gradual basis. By eating more healthily and avoiding “fast food” you are going to feel a lot healthier and have more money in the process.

We looked at “acts of kindness” and how by doing a small act of kindness for someone else every day can make you feel even better than they do.

We discussed how important it is to remember the good things in life and how not to easily dismiss them when we have low mood. We looked keeping at keeping list of things you have enjoyed doing, things that you feel you have succeeded in or happy times with friends. After a few days, you’ll have a list of great things that you can look back on, and this will make you feel a whole lot better. What you think about affects how you feel. Focus on the good things and you’ll be happier for it!

One again the group would like to thank June for all her support while at the group!

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