What energises and de-energises me?

It was great to welcome Geoffrey back to the group today. We looked at the spectrum of how we reacted to good things happening to us in our lives and how we react when bad things occur. Some group members commentated on how having had the bad times helps them appreciate the good times. They also felt that they still had the “bad times” in the back of their mind when things were going well for them. Other group members said they preferred to be in the middle of the spectrum (not too high, not too low). We looked a little bit about our weaknesses (things that do not energies us) and how maybe in the past we have tended to do things to please others at our own expense. It is about being more self-aware and having the confidence to say no and to advocate for what you feel your strengths are. The great thing about this group is seeing the many strengths everyone has.

We have sent out over 30 invitations for the November event and are awaiting responses.

Next week we welcome June Dickson back to complete the final part of the Living Life To The Full course. Everyone is looking forward to seeing June!

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