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It was really positive group today, we welcomed a new member who was made to feel very welcome. Geoffrey Baines was back for his final part of his strengths quest training. It was so heartening to see group members supporting each other while going through difficult times. The support shown gives people more hope and understanding. With Geoffrey we looked at how we can cope and how to build resilience if we had previously been the victims of Mental/Physical abuse. A way that could help is to look at all the good things about yourself, the things you enjoy and have achieved (i know it’s not easy to do this sometimes!) and to build this self belief up in a way that you have a stronger understanding of yourself and are able to be less affected to situations that may occur that you have no control over. Remember, nobody is perfect, but because somebody says something about us we do not like or you have done something you did not like, it does not define you as a person, there are many facets to your personality. The group would like to once again than Geoffrey for the inspiring work he has done in the group.

Finally, we would like to announce, we have the new leaflets!

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Quadrants created by low and high competency and passion

nothing is wasted
Following on from last Thursday’s meeting…

Look for opportunities to express at least one of each actions:
Delegate something, even if it’s a small thing – the washing up, putting rubbish out, pick something on the top shelf of a supermarket shelf and ask a tall person if they would get it for you, et cetera.
Teach something, again, even if it’s a small thing – like casting on and off with knitting, or someone to frame a picture …
Learn something – find out more about something you’re intrigued by, even if it’s just pulling up a webpage or buying a magazine
Do something you love to do and are passionate about – even if it’s just to begin this
Have fun.

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Nothing In Life Is Wasted

We had a really productive group today with some people attending who had not been for a while. Some people mention how the group is like a family!

We had Geoffrey Baines back today working on strengths and weaknesses. While discussing strengths we reflected on not taking what energizes you too far to the extent that you “burnout”. It’s about learning to be more self-aware.

As we had focussed a lot on strengths previously, we now looked at weaknesses, or the “dark side” (if you’re of a Star Wars persuasion!). We discussed how it is better to build on what you’re good at than trying to turn a weaknesses into strengths. I’m sure we can all point to some time on our life where we have done something to please someone else while not feeling energised about it. We talked about how, even while experiencing hard times we are learning all the time, nothing is wasted. We may also continue doing things we have a talent for but do leave us feeling energised, remember, “what energizes me?!”

We have finally sent the order away for the new leaflet to be published!

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Things You Can Do To Make You Feel Happier

Today we had a really productive meeting. It was great to welcome June Dickson back to the group to work on the final part of the Living Life To The Full Course.

First of all we discussed things do with the November event which included group members having the opportunity if they wanted to explain what helps them when they have low mood and how they express themselves in a positive way, whether it’s through painting or music for example. We would like to have a good presentation looking at reducing stigmas.

For the final part of the LLTTF course, the topic was “10 things you can do to feel happier straight away” Some things included; taking the stairs, eating healthier food, having breakfast, doing a bit of hoovering faster and going for walks. All of the above things would be done in small steps and increased on a gradual basis. By eating more healthily and avoiding “fast food” you are going to feel a lot healthier and have more money in the process.

We looked at “acts of kindness” and how by doing a small act of kindness for someone else every day can make you feel even better than they do.

We discussed how important it is to remember the good things in life and how not to easily dismiss them when we have low mood. We looked keeping at keeping list of things you have enjoyed doing, things that you feel you have succeeded in or happy times with friends. After a few days, you’ll have a list of great things that you can look back on, and this will make you feel a whole lot better. What you think about affects how you feel. Focus on the good things and you’ll be happier for it!

One again the group would like to thank June for all her support while at the group!

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What energises and de-energises me?

It was great to welcome Geoffrey back to the group today. We looked at the spectrum of how we reacted to good things happening to us in our lives and how we react when bad things occur. Some group members commentated on how having had the bad times helps them appreciate the good times. They also felt that they still had the “bad times” in the back of their mind when things were going well for them. Other group members said they preferred to be in the middle of the spectrum (not too high, not too low). We looked a little bit about our weaknesses (things that do not energies us) and how maybe in the past we have tended to do things to please others at our own expense. It is about being more self-aware and having the confidence to say no and to advocate for what you feel your strengths are. The great thing about this group is seeing the many strengths everyone has.

We have sent out over 30 invitations for the November event and are awaiting responses.

Next week we welcome June Dickson back to complete the final part of the Living Life To The Full course. Everyone is looking forward to seeing June!

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50th Meeting

Today we had a really positive and inspiring meeting. It was very encouraging to hear group members talk about new positive changes they are making to their lives. They are feeling the benefits of facing their fears and gaining so much more control and satisfaction in the process.

We all worked on distributing invitations for the November event. The invitations look great with the group’s logo and designs on it. We hope to have the new leaflet completed by next week. We had a brief look at the structure for the November event. Everyone is looking forward to it and have such passion to make a difference in helping people and raising awareness in suicide/Mental Health.

Next week we welcome back Geoffrey to work on strengths and continuing to prepare a structure for the November event.