It was really positive group today, we welcomed a new member who was made to feel very welcome. Geoffrey Baines was back for his final part of his strengths quest training. It was so heartening to see group members supporting each other while going through difficult times. The support shown gives people more hope andContinue reading “Resilience”

Quadrants created by low and high competency and passion

Following on from last Thursday’s meeting… Look for opportunities to express at least one of each actions: Delegate something, even if it’s a small thing – the washing up, putting rubbish out, pick something on the top shelf of a supermarket shelf and ask a tall person if they would get it for you, etContinue reading “Quadrants created by low and high competency and passion”

Things You Can Do To Make You Feel Happier

Today we had a really productive meeting. It was great to welcome June Dickson back to the group to work on the final part of the Living Life To The Full Course. First of all we discussed things do with the November event which included group members having the opportunity if they wanted to explainContinue reading “Things You Can Do To Make You Feel Happier”

What energises and de-energises me?

It was great to welcome Geoffrey back to the group today. We looked at the spectrum of how we reacted to good things happening to us in our lives and how we react when bad things occur. Some group members commentated on how having had the bad times helps them appreciate the good times. TheyContinue reading “What energises and de-energises me?”

50th Meeting

Today we had a really positive and inspiring meeting. It was very encouraging to hear group members talk about new positive changes they are making to their lives. They are feeling the benefits of facing their fears and gaining so much more control and satisfaction in the process. We all worked on distributing invitations forContinue reading “50th Meeting”