Today we looked at a number of things. Some group members expressed changes to their mood and sleeping patterns due to the change in seasons. We discussed how to deal with feelings of guilt while being less active due to the seasonal changes. The big thing discussed was to always remember to be kind to yourself in this situation and use as a learning experience for the future.

We looked at “debunking the myths” regarding Mental Health/Suicide. Some of the quotes from the group included; “Contrary to what people think about a group like this, it’s not totally depressing, it’s inspiring and up-lifting” “There’s no stigma here” “It’s good to talk about suicide, it does not make someone do it.”

We came up with a list of names we would like to invite to the November event. We are currently working on the invitations. We have almost completed the leaflet and are the final stages.

Next week will be our 50th meeting!

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