Group’s First Birthday Celebration!

1st Birthday Celebrated With Fireworks
Today was a very special group, celebrating the first year of the group starting! We had arranged the meeting room with birthday banners, a cake and lots of nibbles. As we all gathered around the table we reflected on the group’s first year and what people had got out of it. Some of the examples people gave included:
“I don’t know if i would still be here if it was not for the group”
“I feel part of something”
“I do not feel judged”
“I feel proud of our achievements”
“We have come a long way”
“We are excited about the future of the group”
“Who knows where we will be in the next year!”

The group would like to thank everyone for their support especially the guests and the people who follow the group on-line. Here’s to the next year and beyond!

2 thoughts on “Group’s First Birthday Celebration!

  1. Happy Birthday Guys 😉 Here’s to the next 5 at least ….was a pleasure and priveldge to work with you all and I’ll see you all very soon. x

  2. Congratulaions and Happy birthday everyone. So many achievements for the individual members and for the group to celebrate – sounds like plenty of good things ahead too.
    best wishes

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