Group Work

Members of a community welcoming a new member.Today was nice little group where people showed a lot of support for one another. One of the most common problems group members can experience in their lives are feelings of loneliness and isolation. That is why it was so encouraging today for people to explain how they are making changes in their lives – attending groups, going to the gym, meeting friends and all sorts of other activities that include further socializing. People are beginning to create routines and a structure that keeps them safe and enables them to feel better about themselves.

We had a really productive time discussing what will go on the groups new leaflet. We looked at a the possibility of having a “folding over” 6 section leaflet to explain what the group is about and its aims. It was very encouraging to see people’s enthusiasm for designing the new leaflet and the amount of possibilities it can offer.

Next week will be the group’s first birthday celebration for group members, which ties in with the National Suicide prevention week.

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