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Today we looked at a number of things. Some group members expressed changes to their mood and sleeping patterns due to the change in seasons. We discussed how to deal with feelings of guilt while being less active due to the seasonal changes. The big thing discussed was to always remember to be kind to yourself in this situation and use as a learning experience for the future.

We looked at “debunking the myths” regarding Mental Health/Suicide. Some of the quotes from the group included; “Contrary to what people think about a group like this, it’s not totally depressing, it’s inspiring and up-lifting” “There’s no stigma here” “It’s good to talk about suicide, it does not make someone do it.”

We came up with a list of names we would like to invite to the November event. We are currently working on the invitations. We have almost completed the leaflet and are the final stages.

Next week will be our 50th meeting!

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Autumn Programme


Please see below – our Autumn Programme

Sep 19th Complete Leaflet
Sep 26th Event planning-invites
Oct 3rd Event planning
Oct 10th Geoffrey strengths and planning
Oct 17th June last LLTTF session
Oct 24th Geoffrey strengths and planning
Oct 31st Geoffrey strengths and planning
7th Nov Final preparations for event
14th Nov Choose Life Celebration Event

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Reaching out to others


Today was a big group. Some group members have been struggling with suicidal thoughts over the last week. The group looked at ways in which these people could be supported. We looked at ways of creating a new set of “keeping safe” measures for someone to do if they felt suicidal. Some of the measures discussed where; phoning friends/keyworker, visiting friends, contacting crisis lines. By having this “safety net” in place in times of despair it could really help someone
There were positive steps being made for arranging the group’s November event with people networking with Radio stations and MSPS. We have made good progress on our new leaflet and is almost ready for publication.

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Group’s First Birthday Celebration!

1st Birthday Celebrated With Fireworks
Today was a very special group, celebrating the first year of the group starting! We had arranged the meeting room with birthday banners, a cake and lots of nibbles. As we all gathered around the table we reflected on the group’s first year and what people had got out of it. Some of the examples people gave included:
“I don’t know if i would still be here if it was not for the group”
“I feel part of something”
“I do not feel judged”
“I feel proud of our achievements”
“We have come a long way”
“We are excited about the future of the group”
“Who knows where we will be in the next year!”

The group would like to thank everyone for their support especially the guests and the people who follow the group on-line. Here’s to the next year and beyond!

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Group Work

Members of a community welcoming a new member.Today was nice little group where people showed a lot of support for one another. One of the most common problems group members can experience in their lives are feelings of loneliness and isolation. That is why it was so encouraging today for people to explain how they are making changes in their lives – attending groups, going to the gym, meeting friends and all sorts of other activities that include further socializing. People are beginning to create routines and a structure that keeps them safe and enables them to feel better about themselves.

We had a really productive time discussing what will go on the groups new leaflet. We looked at a the possibility of having a “folding over” 6 section leaflet to explain what the group is about and its aims. It was very encouraging to see people’s enthusiasm for designing the new leaflet and the amount of possibilities it can offer.

Next week will be the group’s first birthday celebration for group members, which ties in with the National Suicide prevention week.

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Message to the group from Geoffrey Baines

Hello everyone,

Many thanks for welcoming me into the Choose Life group. I’ve very much appreciated being able to catch up with you and share Strengths these last four weeks. I hope it will be possible to return sometime in the future, and in the meantime, if anyone would like to explore their Strengths you only need get in touch with me at And you are welcome to keep your list of things you love and are energised by over the next few weeks.