Group’s First Birthday Celebration!

Today was a very special group, celebrating the first year of the group starting! We had arranged the meeting room with birthday banners, a cake and lots of nibbles. As we all gathered around the table we reflected on the group’s first year and what people had got out of it. Some of the examplesContinue reading “Group’s First Birthday Celebration!”

Group Work

Today was nice little group where people showed a lot of support for one another. One of the most common problems group members can experience in their lives are feelings of loneliness and isolation. That is why it was so encouraging today for people to explain how they are making changes in their lives –Continue reading “Group Work”

Message to the group from Geoffrey Baines

Hello everyone, Many thanks for welcoming me into the Choose Life group. I’ve very much appreciated being able to catch up with you and share Strengths these last four weeks. I hope it will be possible to return sometime in the future, and in the meantime, if anyone would like to explore their Strengths youContinue reading “Message to the group from Geoffrey Baines”