Building Strengths

Building Strengths

Today was our last session with Geoffrey Baines looking at strengths. Geoffrey handed out a sheet to everyone with the 34 different types of strengths and for them to choose 5 descriptions they feel accurately reflect who they are. This was quite a challenging exercise for some people, but through speaking to others they could identify more with what their strengths were. It was advised that it is best do the on-line strengths test when you are in a decent frame of mind as if your mood was low you would find it harder to complete it accurately. Once completed you could write your 5 strengths down and have them at hand to inspire you or to reinforce the fact that you do have talents and strengths when you possibly do not feel that you do. We are looking to have Geoffrey back to do further work in the future as a group and possibly individually.

We discussed the Group celebration/awareness event we are going to host in November and also briefly talked about doing new leaflet which we will explore further next week. A couple of the group members had commentated on how special the group is to them and how they get very energised when promoting the group to other organisations.

The group would like to thank Geoffrey for all his time and inspiration he brought to the group!

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