Hurt and Healing

Hurt and healing
Hurt and healing
Today at the group we looked at what our strengths were. Initially people did not feel that they had any but after a while of discussing their lives they realised that they did. We looked at how one person can enjoy doing a task and another person does not like doing it but enjoys something else. As human being we are totally individual and unique. It sounds like a cliché, but successful teams/groups all work together utilising each individuals strengths to form part of a collective success.

We discussed the Japanese practice of “Kintsukuroi” which looks at broken pottery and how the repair is done with the “understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken. We feel this can cover our lives in that we have all been through hard experiences in life but have the opportunity to learn from our experiences, no matter how painful they are, can then make us learn more about ourselves and have a deeper understanding for others. Below is a beautiful quote from Leonard Cohen

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

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