Instructions for Thursdays meeting

For those attending the group on Thursday, Geoffrey has sent a few thins to prepare if you wish…
I look forward to Thursday and our look at how life is better when focus on our Strengths and not on our Weaknesses. There are different ways to explore, so be thinking about what is best for you at the moment. Here goes:
You can explore your Strengths with the online analysis which offers a great starting point of your top five Strengths;
Or, you might like to take a little longer to explore your Strengths with another online possibility – we can spend some time helping you get these set up;
Or, you can make your list of what are the most energising things you find yourself doing – noting what you are doing, who you are with, why you are doing it, and, even when (the beginning or end, or all of something);
Or, you can bring your biggest questions about all of this;
Or, you can just listen in.
I hope there’s something here which works for you.

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