Group Discussion

Choose Life power point

It was a big group today and was really nice to see people who had just returned from holiday and had not been at the group for a while.

Today’s group was very much about giving people the opportunity to express how they were feeling. A lot of group members were finding things very hard at the moment with a lot of challenging things going on for them. It was great to see the support each one had for each other and to not feel as alone. A lot of people commented on how safe they feel in the group and that they have a space to talk about things that they could not with others.

We talked about the group’s first anniversary and what we would like to do to recognise it. It was agreed that we would have two separate occasions to celebrate the first anniversary. We would have an informal celebration with just group members (lunch or barbecue), and then in November we have an event day where we can explain to guests what we have achieved in our first year and also what we would be striving to achieve in the future.

One thought on “Group Discussion

  1. Great that this sounds like such a safe and holding space to get support if needed. It can make all the difference to us human beings to feel heard and supported

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