Looking at our strengths

Raising Hope
Raising Hope
Today we welcomed Geoffrey Baines back to the group to look at strengths. It was very thought-provoking and emotional for people, as it brought up things from people’s pasts. We discussed what energizes us and how to deal with situations by using our strengths. We looked at how as growing up, we were possibly told what we should do in life without actually realising that we can be who we want to be, and have a certain career/goal that suits us and not something else that someone else wants for you, that you do not enjoy. This could include being compared to our siblings/parents strengths which can heap a lot of pressure on your shoulders. One big thing for people was self-esteem and holding onto our strengths/talents. For example, when one things goes wrong it is not the end of the world? We want to learn to look at the bigger picture and to bring it back up to a positive belief of having other strengths also, and not being hard on ourselves because we got one thing wrong. We came up with a few ideas to look at in the coming weeks;

How we use our strengths in a business relationship?
How can we be assertive and stay calm when faced with confrontation?
How can we learn to compare ourselves with others?
How do we maintain confidence after disappointment?

We look forward to working on these issues and other things in the next few weeks with Geoffrey!

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