Building Strengths

Today was our last session with Geoffrey Baines looking at strengths. Geoffrey handed out a sheet to everyone with the 34 different types of strengths and for them to choose 5 descriptions they feel accurately reflect who they are. This was quite a challenging exercise for some people, but through speaking to others they couldContinue reading “Building Strengths”

Everybody has strengths, find yours…

Have a look at these brief descriptions of the 34 Strengths and see if you can identify which you think are more true for you than others – you can pick 5, have fun! Achiever People who are especially talented in the Achiever theme have a great deal of stamina and work hard. They takeContinue reading “Everybody has strengths, find yours…”

Instructions for Thursdays meeting

For those attending the group on Thursday, Geoffrey has sent a few thins to prepare if you wish… I look forward to Thursday and our look at how life is better when focus on our Strengths and not on our Weaknesses. There are different ways to explore, so be thinking about what is best forContinue reading “Instructions for Thursdays meeting”