A morning of creative design and helpful discussion

A useful discussion was held in the group about people’s experiences around health services and different approaches to medication.
The group then worked hard displaying creative skill and graphic design as they began to put together a new ‘Choose Life’ leaflet to make more people aware of the group as this is what they have chosen to use the received funding for. People in the group expressed how much of a lifeline this group has been for them and they wish for that support to be spread wider via the leaflets and online media. We also realised that as a group we are a bit rusty with Twitter and aim to spend a session soon learning how to use this as our followers often post useful and interesting articles and links.
The group also realised they need extra time to design the leaflet so will organise a Task Force meeting at Simpson House to complete this.
Please remember there is no group next Thursday 1st August. The next group will be Thursday 8th August when Geoffrey will be back with us exploring strengths.

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