Are you strong enough to keep your temper?

Today was a very productive group. The big thing from today was people learning to change the way they respond in unpleasant situations which they have no control over. Once again, the big thing for people is to learn to show more compassion for themselves and not to be so self depreciating in situations they have no control over. Group members have been using the techniques they have learned while in the group to deal better with these unpleasant situations.

It was part 7 of the Living Life To The Full Course. We looked at how we deal with anger and what our triggers may be. We discussed whether it was better to stay and fight, or to walk away. Most people agreed it depended on the situation, but that the way we responded has a bit impact on how we feel afterwards. The 3 key examples were:
1 Know your buttons 2 Know your early warning system 3 Know where the escape hatches are.
Chill, as soon as you’ve escaped, give yourself respect. You’re strong. You’re in control. You’ve steered the car round that slippery corner without losing it. You’ve been strong enough to keep your temper. Doing this exercise was quite emotional for a lot of group members as it brought up stuff from their past but are keen to put these new techniques into place to lead a more fulfilling life.

One thought on “Are you strong enough to keep your temper?

  1. just want to say a realy big thank you to june who has being a tower of strenth for a lot of people and for her hospitalty genurosity kindness understanding insperactiol and her time that she has gave up to help other people THANK YOU janey

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