If it makes me feel better, why should i stop it?

Today we had another good group. It was really good to hear members commenting on how they had used some of the new skills learned through the group and the “Living Life To The Full Programme” to make new positive changes in their lives.

We worked on Part 6 of the L.L.T.T.F course which was entitled “The things you do that mess you up.” We looked at how we use things to instantly make us feel better but not looking at the possible consequences. The group thought about things people would use when feeling low – they included retail therapy, eating chocolate, taking risks, drinking alcohol among others. We also discussed how in essence these are all forms of self harm. This was quite revealing as some people associate self harm with people cutting themselves when in fact it is actually much wider than that. We looked at learning to be more self-aware and breaking the problem into pieces so as to avoid the possible consequences of the self harm.

A group member brought in a lovely sunshine garden ornament that symbolises the group and our hope!

One thought on “If it makes me feel better, why should i stop it?

  1. isn’t it great when we look at something that has become normal to us and realise there is another way to do it, that would be more beneficial. These little gems of information can help us make a better future. I love the sunshine ornament so thank you to who brought that.


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