A morning of creative design and helpful discussion

A useful discussion was held in the group about people’s experiences around health services and different approaches to medication. The group then worked hard displaying creative skill and graphic design as they began to put together a new ‘Choose Life’ leaflet to make more people aware of the group as this is what they haveContinue reading “A morning of creative design and helpful discussion”

Recognizing triggers and eating bananas

Today the group looked at the things which trigger anger or depression and other negative emotions and discussed how to be aware of these and strategies to get out, this was a difficult exercise to do. On a lighter note we looked at 10 ways to feel better; these included eating bananas and drinking smoothies,Continue reading “Recognizing triggers and eating bananas”

Are you strong enough to keep your temper?

Today was a very productive group. The big thing from today was people learning to change the way they respond in unpleasant situations which they have no control over. Once again, the big thing for people is to learn to show more compassion for themselves and not to be so self depreciating in situations theyContinue reading “Are you strong enough to keep your temper?”

If it makes me feel better, why should i stop it?

Today we had another good group. It was really good to hear members commenting on how they had used some of the new skills learned through the group and the “Living Life To The Full Programme” to make new positive changes in their lives. We worked on Part 6 of the L.L.T.T.F course which wasContinue reading “If it makes me feel better, why should i stop it?”