Breaking Down Worries Into Small Pieces

Some group members were struggling a bit today with various issues in their lives. It was sad to see people in these places but also encouraging to see after speaking to group members how they felt less alone and had gained more hope.

June (Action on Depression) was back after a few weeks to do the 5th part of the “Living Life To The Full Course.” everyone was very happy to see June again as she has made a big positive impact on the group. Today we looked at “breaking things down.” June talked us through the process of breaking down big issues/goals on our minds into small chunks, so as to make it easier to achieve them. If our thought process has always been “black and white”/”all or nothing” style thinking we are more likely to put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve these goals. This exercise showed us that by breaking things down we can take a lot of the pressure of us and see things more rationally, gradually putting the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle to reach the original aim.

In September the group will have its first anniversary! We used this “breaking things down into small pieces” method to look at how the group wanted to do to celebrate this great achievement, but also to further publicise the group and recognising the achievements of the first year. The tasks of preparing this was looked at and will be split between the group utilising everyone’s many talents!

One thought on “Breaking Down Worries Into Small Pieces

  1. Dear Paul and Liz,
    I was so touched to hear some feedback about what the group means to its’ members. This weeks group sounds like a great mix of space, support and useful tools-what a good mix.

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