Looking To The Future

Today we had a good group where people were allowed to express how things were going for them. Even though people in the group are struggling with issues in their lives, people still manage to attend the group and not feel judged and fully supported by other group members. It is truly touching to see people leaving with more hope at the end of a group session.

The group filled out an application for funding. If we were succesful in receiving the funding we would like to use it to publicise the group more with new leaflets and stalls at events to talk about the group. One group member commentated on how she feels coming to the group gives her a bit of light/hope in a darkness that can affect us. We want to spread the good work the group does and offer it to others.

We thought it would be good to have a fun “guess who” style game where people were given names on a “post it” attached to their forehead where they could ask questions to find out who the celebrity was on their “post it” note and have others to ask questions for the person to guess what the celebrity name was on their head. Everyone had a big laugh doing this game and reinforced how important it is to have fun within the group!

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