Recovery Discussions

Today we had another big group. Some group members have been struggling lately with situations in their life. Once again, it was great to see the power of the group support each other to see things in a more positive way and learning to be a bit kinder to ourselves. The common thing with a lot of people is that we tend to not see our own strengths and qualities, but can see them so easily in others. Doing the “thought record” sheets from last week’s group helped group members see things a bit more clearly.

Today we had a guest speaker who has been in Recovery. Listening to his story was very touching and inspiring in that with all he has been through he has managed to change his life around with keen interests in sport and studying fitness. Eating healthier and exercising can have great benefits to not only our Physical Health, but also our Mental Health.

We looked at how we could fill in a funding application form to raise awareness of the group.

A group member showed the rest of the group his own photography website and explained the stories behind the pictures . This was very interesting and thought-provoking as the photos were taken from all over the world.

At the end of another good group we watched our “inspirational videos” from our very own YouTube page!

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