Midway through Living Life To The Full course

Today at the group we talked about our new Facebook page and ideas for it. Group members requested having a music tab on the page to put inspirational music on that means something to them. A group member brought in lovely inspiring photo/poems in for the group.

We did the “I’m not good enough” section from the fourth part of the Living Life To The Full course. It taught us how we have all learned to have certain thoughts about ourself. We did a list of all the nasty things people have said about us, then all the good things people have said about us. It was much easier initially to put the nasty things up rather than the good things. Over time the “good things” page was much more full than the nasty things!

An example of one excercise was;

DON’T THINK THIS -“I can’t do it”, “I’m ugly”, “I’m boring”, “people don’t like me”, “I’m no good inside”

THINK THIS – “I can do it because i did”, “I’m not ugly, I’m normal like everyone else”, “i’m interesting”, “lots of people like me”, “i’m just like everyone else, with good and bad habits”

Thanks again to June (Action On Depression) for her inspiring work!

One thought on “Midway through Living Life To The Full course

  1. Great work!

    Paul and Liz sounds this sounds fantastic

    Many thanks


    Jill G Brookes


    Simpson House

    Counselling and Recovery Team

    52 Queen Street


    EH3 3NS

    Tel: 0131 225 1054/6028



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