First week of L.L.T.T.F. Course

We had another big turnout for the group today which was great. People were commentating on how good it is being able to talk about things rather than holding things and struggling with certain thoughts.

Today it was great to welcome June Dickson (from Action On Depression) delivering the first part of the “Living Life To The Full” course. We looked at “I can’t be bothered doing anything” workbook.
Part of the exercise was filling in a diary page from the workbook evaluating what activities give us pleasure, achievement and closeness. By looking at these activities we can see what gives us energy. We then looked at what we have stopped enjoying doing while having a low mood. By setting little steps to achieve things it was felt that you could build yourself up as opposed to wanting things right away.

Everyone seemed to get a lot out of this exercise and we look forward to seeing June again next week for part II!

One thought on “First week of L.L.T.T.F. Course

  1. Great to see the group growing. You have all made it what it is from its beginnings as an idea …..
    How long have you been meeting for now? All the very best, Glenn

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