Self Harm Discussion

Today we had Angela Voulgari  from Penumbra in the group today to explain what her Organisation does and to talk about self harm.  A common misconception about Penumbra is that it is a service only for teenagers who self harm.  Angela was able to explain that the organisation works with lots of different areas supporting people’s Mental Health and Wellbeing.  We discussed the reasons why people may self harm.  People in the group discussed how they had possibly behaved recklessly in the past and wondering if this had been a form of self harm.  We discussed if an individual has a drink/drug problem if this then also a form of self harm?  Some things that may help people who self harm are having support, distracting yourself, doing things you enjoy that will keep you safe and last of all to learn to believe that there is hope.

For more information on Penumbra please visit

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