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Group welcomes new members!

It was excellent today to welcome two new members to the group.  We looked at the way society deals with the stigma of mental health and ways in that people expressed themselves in our culture.

We looked at how sometimes as human beings we sometimes play our talents down and dismiss our strengths all to readily, tending sometimes to focus more on “what we can’t do”.  At times it may feel easier for someone else to comment on your strengths as at times we do not readily see them ourselves.  Photography and music were two things that people felt inspired them.  Work is still going on regarding the Choose Life @ Simpson House Application for Smart phones users.


Next week’s guest will be Angela voulgari from Penumbra



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Relaxation techniques

We had a really worthwhile meeting today focussing on what helps when we feel down.  The things that people found most helpful were music, movies and nature.  Group members felt that these passions and interests helped them forget issues they were going through and made them feel a bit better within themselves. 


We had our first guest to the group – Diane Lee from CREW.   Diane showed the group how to use relaxation techniques and the benefits of learning using them to use in the future.


Our next group guest will be Angela voulgari from Penumbra on Thurs 7th Feb.

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First Group of 2013!

We had a very good first group of 2013.  We welcomed new members to the group who were made to feel very welcome and who’s contribution to th e group was very  much appreciated.  It was so powerful and heartening to see the way that group members supported each other to feel less alone.  With it being the start of a new year ,we talked about what people felt they would like to achieve in 2013.

We discussed  ideas for guest speakers which would in turn help the group achieve some of its aims.  Paul and Liz will meet up with prospective guest speakers over the next few weeks to arrange a time for them to attend group.  Diane Lee will be our first guest to the group next week were she will discuss the benefits of using relaxation techniques.