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Group suggestions for techniques that can help those who suffer from S.A.D.

Things that can help you in dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • Using a light box
  • Going for a walk/getting some fresh air
  • Making a routine/creating some structure
  • Getting out of bed
  • Looking at your diet
  • Being pro active
  • Being supported/encouraged
  • Watching TV shows/comedy
  • Listening to music
  • Having fairy lights on display
  • Being social
  • Using scented oils
  • Placing half an orange in the room.  The cirtrus scent is awakening and enlivening
  • Being self aware
  • Using herbal remedies
  • Remembering that if you regularly suffer from SAD that by the time spring arrives you know historically things will get better.
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Group Welcomes more new people!

We had a really good group yesterday.  One of the topics discussed was the need for more information for GP’s regarding Mental Health and how best to help someone in need.  One of the group’s aims is to explore how we can make this happen.

One of the big thing to come out of today was the feeling of how great it was to have the opportunity to speak in a group setting which in turn helped people deal better with the thoughts of  “No one understands me, I’m the only person to feel like this”

Having the group gave people more hope.

We did more work on Tweeting and networking with the group being very encouraged by the fact that our page now has followers from all over the world!

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Welcome to the online home of the Choose Life Project at Simpson House. We started our work in the Summer of 2012, funded by the national chooselife strategy for suicide prevention. We are here to help anyone who has felt suicidal or who would like support in their recovery, and to provide a space for those who want to help others.

Our project has two strands.

The first is focused around our weekly group meetings at Simpson House in Edinburgh. The group first met in September 2012. It is a small friendly group, with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere creating a safe space to explore and share experiences.

The second strand of our work is focused around exploring and creating safe online spaces to improve outreach and support provision for those at risk of suicide.

We will be using this blog to provide updates on the progress of our project, share the resources we create within the group, raise public awareness, and tackle the stigma of suicide.

We hope you enjoy following us, and might even consider getting involved in our group or the wider work of our project.